Waynes Pest Control

Waynes has been serving customers since 1973. We have grown over the decades through a commitment to providing a world-class experience for our customers. We believe that if our employees are happy and fulfilled, they will go above and beyond in delighting our customers. That is the heart of the Waynes philosophy: Every little thing matters. A lot.

The Waynes team is always looking at everything that we do to improve the quality of our team and their quality of life so that we can provide a quality service that sets the standard for not just the pest control industry, but the entire service sector.

In 2019, Waynes partnered with Anticimex, industry-leading experts in pest control and related services. Founded in Sweden in 1934, Anticimex has more than 4,500 employees in 17 countries worldwide. Anticimex is a valued partner enabling Waynes to continue our ongoing effort to provide termite protection, pest prevention, and lawn care with a World-Class customer experience.

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